International Artist - Noel Stoute
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International Artist - Noel Stoute


Artist Noel Stoute was self taught at an early age and became impressed with the works of American realists Norman Rockwell, Andrew Wyeth, Remington, and their true-to-life artistic renditions, which inspired Noel’s imagination to capture subjects and images on canvas.

In 1994 - Disgusted, Castro opened the doors for its citizens to leave Cuba, enhancing the windows of opportunity to escape to the USA. Creating “Balseros” (rafters) risking their lives to the open dangers lurking in the Florida Straits. After historical researching of news reports and media accounts of incidents on hastily built homemade, inner tubes, wooden, styrofoam, canvas and rope flotation devices which ended with one-out-of-four not surviving the open ocean. All of which inspired Artist Noel’s imagination to capture these painting compositions on canvas.


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